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Updated: Aug 7

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2022 was my first year making weddings and private event clientele a priority. In many ways, working in the nightlife industry prepared me to be able to better serve clients in the wedding industry. In fact, many past clients have wanted the nightlife vibe to shine through during their reception. At the end of the day, I may not remember the "party" itself, but I do remember the wonderful clients, djs, event planners, photographers, and vendors I have worked with.

I look forward to another season full of travel throughout the southeast, meeting new people, and visiting a few friends along the way...


Reason #1: Meeting New People

One venue that stood out to me last year was Baker's Mill Weddings and Events, located in Salisbury, NC. This full-service event venue, built from scratch is owned and operated by power couple Laura and Daniel and is very "dj friendly":

- when offloading equipment, the dj can pull their vehicle right up to the venue

- we were greeted by the staff with a warm welcome and given a courtesy tour

- there are multiple fully functional power sources accessible to the dj area

- the acoustics of the room are PHENOMENAL!

- the wedding suite is located on the second floor overlooking the dinning/dancing area and looks amazing with uplighting (we will post a picture after our next wedding here)

- this wedding went so soothly that, the couple elected to pay for extra time during the dancing portion of the reception, the couple's family and friends knew how to get down! (Kool & the Gang voice)

Pictured here is the ceremony area of the venue. It overlooks a body of water complimented by a gorgeous tree line. To the left, around the side, is the cocktail area. There is a separate apparatus, also to the left, for beverage service with standing tables.

Reason #2: Traveling Throughout the Carolinas

According to Forbes Magazine, travel is rebounding back to pre-pandemic levels. In fact, air traffic has hit about 70% of pre-pandemic levels globally.

Weddings can be a lot of fun in and of themselves. Taken a step further, making a plan ahead of time to see what the local area has to offer may make the drive and trip that much more enjoyable .

Breweries and vineyards have been excellent venue choices (not the day of the wedding) to explore the areas we get to visit. Last year we had the opportunity to visit the four-time winner of the annual Beer City USA poll, Asheville, NC. I enjoy exploring my home state North Carolina in areas such as Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, Mt. Airy, Columbia, and several more.

Additionally, several of the areas I have visited have disc golf courses. My favorite place to play last year was at Round Peak Vineyard in Mt. Airy. We highly suggest checking this course out we've attached a video near the beginning of the entrance.

Reason #3: Seeing our wonderful clients, happy!

Wether it's teaming up with Greenvillian DJs, Mixology DJ Entertainment and the MS Walk Society for charity events, or yearly corporate events, I am thrilled to see a few familiar faces in 2023. It's easy to get caught up in the more tedious aspects of the job, however this overlooks the rewards of being in this industry making dreams come true.
Location: The Terrace at Cedar Hill

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