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Archetype DJ Agency wedding

Image by: William Avery Photography

  • How much do you charge?
    We offer 2 wedding packages: The Partial Package (reception only) This package comes with the essentials your reception needs to be a success including: - 1 DJ + MC for 4 hours starts @ $799 - 1 high-grade audio system - 1 handheld wireless mic for toasts - setup & breakdown time - travel +fees or The Full Package Our full package comes with: - 1 DJ +MC for 5 hours starts @ $999 - 1 high-grade audio system - 1 handheld wireless mic for toasts - 1 lapel mic for the officiant - dance floor lighting - setup & breakdown time - travel + fees For quotes on all other occasions for dj services please contact us. The down payment to reserve this company's services is $300. It is due at your leisure, however, there is no guarantee on your date until this fee is taken care of. Payment is due in full 2 days prior to our contracted date. These prices are non-negotiable.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    One way this company's leadership gives back is by giving discounts to those in positions that have made their journey possible. That said, there are discounted prices available to teachers, active-duty military, military veterans and employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs.
  • Why are wedding djs so expensive?
    According to the average dj is about $1000. There are several factors that go into this total. Here are just a few examples: - a competent dj with troubleshooting abilities - a dj that will work seamlessly with other vendors you have hired - time and effort in curating playlist for your reception, dinner, etc... - travel expenses - music licensing - the ability to read your crowd and create an appropriate vibe - marketing expenses - insurance expenses - professional equipment that comes with backups Some may think quality DJs are expensive. I urge clients to think of my prices as an insurance policy against the risk that there will be no return on your investment in a professional dj. This risk could look like the most precious moments of your wedding being overshadowed by substandard mixing, disregard of your song requests, or other behaviors that detract from your wedding entertainment wants and needs coming true. We may have an agreement via contract for 4-5 hours of dj service, however, on average, up to three times that amount could be spent in preparing for your wedding or event.
  • What makes a good wedding dj?
    It is imperative that you know, this company does not speak on behalf of all djs. This is how Archetype DJ Agency operates. - Maturity: Examples of this include the dj knowing your wedding or event is about you and not them, the ability to entertain the viewpoints of others, approachability, and resilience, to name a few. - Attention to detail: Being organized and having music arranged ahead of time including a "must play list", or a "do not play list" is important to this company. Please leave your contact info at this link to start the process. - Flexibility: Years of experience with conflict resolution and problem solving are among the tools at our disposal to help make your day the best it can be. - Accountability: This company takes ownership of both successes and areas where it may have fallen short. In order to learn and grow, this company understands the importance of acknowledging that it is not perfect. - Integrity: Transparency is prime. Hours of practice, gear maintenance, music curation, etc... mean nothing when a dj is not truthful about their services and abilities with their clientele. It is appreciated when clients give feedback on Google Reviews - Backups: Backup equipment can make or break your wedding or event. We travel with backups for all reasonable equipment all the way down to laptop chargers. As we've mentioned earlier, experience has taught us several lessons in this industry.
  • Are you LGBTQIA+ inclusive?
    Yes. We were all made with the same elements, yet there is so much that makes us all unique. Imagine a world where everyone was the same. Sounds pretty boring right?
  • Will we meet to discuss details?
    Yes please. According to the knot wedding website, the 2022 national average cost of a wedding was $30,000. When making any investment near this amount, I understand that peace of mind is of the upmost importance for you. Rest assured with this company, the details of your wedding are as important to it as they are to you. The CRM system, DJ Event Planner, will guide you through the short in-take process with account login information, deposit, need-to-know details, music planning and more! For clients that cannot meet via Zoom, FaceTime, WebEx., we are open to alternative means of meeting. To better protect you, your investment, and our booking process, it is important we meet in person or online before moving forward with planning music for your wedding where you, your friends, and family burn millions of calories on the dance floor!
  • What genres do you specialize in?
    There is a place in this world for all music, artists, and performers. With this in mind, my style is open format. In the past, I have excelled with rock music. However, I enjoy covering weddings and events for all ages and musical tastes. -Derrin
  • Where do wedding djs get their music?
    Short answer? Everywhere. Hopefully a dj is on constant lookout for new music or any music that helps to accomplish your vision!
  • Will you take song requests the day of our event?
    Absolutely. I have no problem putting in the effort to keep your dance floor packed and entertained, creating memories for years to come. A request here and there is not a problem. It may get complicated however, in the event that guests of the wedding or party become a distraction for the dj either because there are too many requests at once, or guests are requesting songs that conflict with the wishes of the paying client.
  • When will you need our song selections?
    The earlier your vision is made known along with song selections, the easier it will be to serve you and your wedding or event. When your wedding or event date is within 7 days, there is less and less that can be done to ensure continuity and flow for your event as that date draws closer.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations initiated by a client that are not due to extreme weather conditions or acts of God. If I cannot perform, an appropriate replacement will be arranged.
  • Have you worked at our venue?
    Please see my About page or email me at for this info.
  • How much time do you need to set up?
    At least 2 hours of setup time is ideal before guests begin to arrive.
  • Do you take breaks?
    Bathroom breaks
  • Are you insured?
  • Will you have another event the day of our wedding?
    In some cases, we may even elect to not work the night before depending on the location and timeline of your event or wedding.

Great guy & a great DJ.

-McIntyre J (Apr 2023) 

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